Why are Japanese cars still considered top in Africa as well as Asia 

Japanese cars

Japanese cars

Asia and Africa are some of the giant continents in the world. Also, Asia holds up to 59.79% of the whole global population. Moreover, Africa currently has 54 nations recognized by the United Nations (UN) and currently has over 17.51% of the world’s population. Both the continents have a lucrative market for Japanese cars.

Considering Asia, most people from Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, UAE, and Bangladesh have crazy love for Japanese used cars. Of course, why not? It is because professional engineers build Japanese cars with dedication and perseverance. Locals of every country applauded Japanese used cars and still do. Moreover, over 50,000 vehicles are exported to Asia from Japan every month.

Following is the list of Japanese cars sold in February 2021 to Asia and Africa.

Asia: –

  • UAE(ASIA) had the most imports of Japanese cars in the first Q1 of 2021 with 12,773 units.
  • Thailand imported approximately 2,980 units of Japanese cars in February 2021.
  • Philippine imported 2,892 Japanese cars with an increase of 531 units from the last month of January 2021.
  • Pakistan imported about 2,492 Japanese units with an increase of 1,087 units.
  • Malaysia with 2,226 imports of Japanese cars with a rise of 1,195 units.

Africa: –

  • Kenya had the most imports of Japanese vehicles with 5,160 units with a rise of 2,276 units.
  • South Africa imported 4,288 units in February 2021, increasingby 1,517 units.
  • Nigeria imported 1,232 units of Japanese cars in February 2021.

Japanese used cars are a fine choice if you want a quality vehicle ata much-compromised price.There are a couple of reasons why Japanese vehicles are given priority in Africa and Asia. We will elaborate on them in the phase of our article. Let’s dive into it.

Easily Available Spare parts 

If you broke down your Japanese vehicle somewhere, it is easy to find spare finds of the car around the town. Also, the mechanics of Africa have apprenticed of the Japanese car engine and the spare parts.

Performance and Quality 

As we discussed, the enthusiasm of Asians for Japanese used cars aboveis one of the reasons people from Asia and Africa prefer mostly Japanese vehicles over any other vehicle. Moreover, Japanese vehicles go through strict inspection tests, it is reason of their reliability and performance.

Fuel Efficiency and Low Mileage 

Most Asians prefer Japanese cars because of their fuel efficiency and low mileage. According to Statista, Japanese cars became 36% fuel efficient from 2009 to 2018. As we mentioned inspection, Japanese cars have not been driven a lot on the roads. It is because the cars of locals of Japanmust pass the Shaken inspection test or else they’ll have to pay for the inspection again-which is costly.

Inexpensive Vehicles 

Japanese vehicles won’t let you pay through your nose. Most African and Asian consumers approach the Japanese car market because of quality vehicles at lower prices. In 2020, the average price tag of every Japanese used car was approximately 1.3 million Japanese yen.

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